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23 February 2015


  • The new Brazilian site FlusserBrasil now contains all of Vilém Flusser’s Portuguese essays  – alphabetically ordered and navigable thanks to a key-words system – a part of his German essays (from A to E:  http://www.flusserbrasil.com/artigosdeutsch.html) as well as his Portuguese conferences. We suggest you check the site regularly for new additions. FlusserBrasil “is a space for the preservation and dissemination of Flusser's thinking which makes available his articles and his correspondence, announces his books and books about him, and, in addition, promotes and manages the publication of his work in Brazil and worldwide.”
  • The next Italian issue of Flusser Studies (FS 19) contains contributions by Alberto Abruzzese, Valentina Bonizzi, Paola Bozzi, Marco Cadioli, Vito Campanelli, Giorgio Cipolletta, Massimo di Felice, Francesco Fiorentino, Rainer Guldin, Daniela Marcantonio, Teresa Numerico, Francesco Restuccia, Antonio Sofia, Cristina Trivellin and Marina Turco.
  • FS 20 will be a double issue celebrating 10 years of Flusser Studies!



The following publications are dedicated to Vilém Flusser’s work or make use of his theory:

  • Vito Campanelli, L’utopia di una società dialogica. Vilém Flusser e la teoria delle immagini tecniche, Mediaevo, Luca Sossella editore, Bologna, (forthcoming 2015).
  • Hermann Haarmann, Michael Hanke and Steffi Winkler (eds.), Play it again, Vilém!: Medien und Spiel im Anschluß an Vilém Flusser, Marburg, Tectum (forthcoming March 2015).
  • Andreas Ströhl, Medientheorien kompakt, UTB, Konstanz and Munich 2014.
  • Slawomir Le’sniak, Die Entwicklung des Essays: Literarische Transformationen der mathematischen Funktionalität bei Rudolf Kassner, Walter Benjamin, Robert Musil und Vilém Flusser, Königshausen und Neumann, Würzburg 2013.
  • Sonja Yeh, Anything goes? Postmoderne Medientheorien im Vergleich: Die großen (Medien-) Erzählungen von McLuhan, Baudrillard, Virilio, Kittler und Flusser, Transcript, Bielefeld 2013.
  • Elena Bertozzi. The Clitoris and the Joystick: Play, Pleasure, and Power in Cyberspace, Atropos, New York 2012. The book considers digital games from a gender perspective. Flusser’s work is quoted a few times.
  • Hydra, Die unfrisiertesten Philosophen aller Zeiten: Eine satirische Einführung in die Philosophie, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2014. Flusser is discussed together with Spinoza and Gilles Deleuze and described as a philosophical outcast.


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