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21 - 25 Settembre 2015
Stage in Svizzera - Internships in Switzerland

VF International - Strategic Account Management Trainee

VF is an $11-billion powerhouse with a unique business model that supports the individuality of each of our brands.

Place of work: Stabio


VF International - Trainee E-Commerce Technology & Website Operations

VF is an $11-billion powerhouse with a unique business model that supports the individuality of each of our brands.

Place of work: Stabio



Stage all'estero - Internships abroad

SRG SSR - Assistant producer internship with Swiss TV

SRG SSR is a group of associations with four members: SRG Deutschschweiz, SSR Romande, Società cooperativa per la radiotelevisione nella Svizzera italiana and SRG SSR Svizra Rumantscha.

Place of work: Washington, DC


Golden Moments Worldwide - Finance Specialist

Golden Moments are experience hunters; they search across Europe and beyond for amazing and unforgettable experiences.

Place of work: Southsea Hampshire



Lavoro - Jobs

Università della Svizzera italiana e SUPSI - Network Administrator

USI Università della Svizzera italiana, is a member of the Swiss university system and is located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

Place of work: Lugano


Placement UK - Business Development Consultant

Placement UK is the European Student Placement Organisation. It provides a specialised service designed to help the very best European undergraduates to find internships or placements in the UK

Place of work: Midlands



Collaborazioni saltuarie - T-Jobs

USI Career Service: Notte Bianca delle Carriere // Long Night of the Careers

Collaboratori // Collaborators

Event dedicated to careers for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate students and graduates, who have the opportunity to spend a whole evening focusing on their professional future.

Place of work: USI Lugano Campus - Red Building


Petra Peter's Events

Hostess, Stewart, Modelli, Promoter

L'agenzia Petra Peter's Events è specializzata nella gestione di hostess, stewards, modelle e modelli come nell'organizzazione di eventi promozionali e di moda.

Luogo di lavoro: Svizzera





A-22 Red Building 10.30 - 12.15


A-12 Red Building 13.30-15.30


A-32 Red Building 13.30-15.30




USI campus Lugano

USI Career Story

Erica Roggio

Master in International Tourism, 2008
United Nations JPO - Science Liaison Officer
Bioversity International, Rome

Career Service News

Long Night of the Careers @ USI

Thursday, November 12th, 2015, Lugano, 6pm

A night dedicated to careers at USI and simultaneously in 12 Swiss universities! Laboratories, workshops, a job gallery walk and a career speed dating, prize contests, games, international food and drinks, movies, yoga lessons, DJs and more! Further info: LNoC@USI; Join us on Facebook. Registrations open beginning of October!!

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