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04 May 2017


The EMScom Alumni Association is happy to update you with some exciting news about the Aarhus Study Trip, taking place on June 29-30, 2017. In the weeks leading up to the event, you can always find the latest information on the detailed web page about the trip.  

This study trip is a unique and special opportunity for you to reconnect with your fellow classmates, expand your professional network, learn about some of the latest trends and practices in corporate communications while exploring the 2017 European Capital of Culture.  We look forward to welcoming you to Aarhus, Denmark next month.


Opening session: Aarhus 2017 - Let's Rethink How We Live & Work

Bent Sørensen, EMScom12 alumnus and Head of Communications at the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, will welcome and introduce participants to Aarhus. He will explore the process by which Aarhus was selected as a European Capital of Culture and how it achieved great success in using participatory and co-creation approaches. Based on the EU initiative's core values of democracy, sustainability and diversity, Bent will also elaborate on why 2017 is a “game changer” for Aarhus, in particular as it rethinks its future way of living and working to ensure a lasting legacy for the city, region and Denmark.


Company visit: JYSKE BANK

Have you ever heard about the world’s only TV station with a bank? For our first site visit, we will have a unique opportunity to meet and hear from various leaders of Jyske Bank to better understand the bank’s transformation and see how the TV station works. Jyske Bank TV is an internal and external content platform, which has won numerous awards around the world, including Europe’s Best Web TV at the Digital Communications Awards. Fairness, transparency, and openness are at the core of Jyske Bank’s culture.  


Company visit: LEGO

For the past decade, the LEGO Group has experienced tremendous growth and succeeded in bringing the LEGO® play experience to more and more children around the world. If you want to understand just how ubiquitous the LEGO Group has become, and how fast it is growing, you only need to look at the figures in its latest annual report. A vast amount of LEGO bricks now exists and more than four billion LEGO minifigures. Tommy Jakobsen, EMScom16 alumnus and Director of Corporate Brand Communications will welcome the group to the LEGO Group and reveal how the LEGO Group managed the turnaround process 10 years ago and what challenges the company faces today. The presentation will be followed by a trip to the LEGO Idea House, which is an internal corporate museum for LEGO employees and selected guests. It will be a trip down memory lane, highlighting the LEGO Group History, values and culture. 


Closing session at Aarhus University

To close the formal part of the Study Trip, participants will gather at Aarhus University to hear from local professors of corporate communications as well as faculty from EMScom. This session will focus on change management and organizational transformation from a Scandinavian perspective and include elements of crisis communication.  The professors will also use this forum to wrap up the Study Trip, highlight individual impressions, and reinforce key takeaways.


The keynote will have a focus on main challenges to organizational change and crisis management from a Scandinavian perspective from an academic (research-based) point of view, and includes three important questions:


  • How Scandinavian is the Scandinavian model of corporate management and corporate communication?
  • How do companies successfully manage and communicate within a threatened society?
  • Change and crisis - a question of organizational and employee resilience?


Social and cultural activity

On Thursday evening, June 29, we will offer an entertaining social activity where participants can interact and network in a fun and informal setting, while enjoying something special in Aarhus. We will keep you posted as the details are finalized. 



There is still space available! You can register for the Study Trip by sending an email to emscomalumni@usi.ch no later than Friday, May 12, indicating the following information:

  • Your full name, your title and company
  • Your billing address
  • How many guests will be joining you?
  • Do you plan to attend the informal get-together on Wednesday evening?
  • Do you plan to extend your stay in Aarhus through the weekend?

Download invitation


Will you enjoy Aarhus over the weekend?

If you are planning to extend your stay in Aarhus over the weekend of July 1-2, do not forget that the European Capital of Culture offers a rich program of events ranging from theater, musical concerts, as well as informal talks on architecture, art, food, history and local grassroots initiatives. Don't miss the opportunity to attend some unique performances.

Go to Aarhus calendar of events


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